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Established watchmakers told him he was crazy. It would be impossible to sell one at that price, even after the Jumbo. But eventually he contracted with Waterbury to produce a watch under the Ingersoll name, one that would work more like a watch and less like a scaled-down clock. Orders were so great that over the next few years, he was able to drop the price to a single dollar. From a marketing and production perspective, the watch was a breakthrough. In nearly four centuries of watchmaking, no one had ever been able to make a functional personal watch for so little money.

In the early years of the 20th century, Ingersoll would sell 12, Yankee watches every day.

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Much later, in , Ingersoll-Waterbury launched the first Mickey Mouse watch. About 30 years after that, the company was rebranded with the name it is still known by today, Timex. The Ingersoll Yankee was widely seen as a testament to modern American ingenuity. All of its parts were made by machine, not by hand. More importantly, the watches were available to everyone, not just the wealthy. Now any lively boy can earn and carry a better watch than any of those kings toted. The Yankee was an inexpensive, well-engineered watch that could be appreciated by nearly every American.

Eventually, Thomas Edison, J. Morgan, and William K. Vanderbilt all owned Waterbury-made Ingersoll Yankee watches.

Truly Yours, Mark Twain. But another reason Twain became so enamored of inexpensive, dependable watches is that he had once come dangerously close to losing a fortune in the watch industry. In March of , Twain had been approached by his nephew-in-law, Charles Webster, about investing in a watch company.

It bore no relation to another American-owned Independent Watch Company, which had launched in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, seven years earlier and still exists today as the company IWC. The Howards had been trying to drum up investors in Fredonia and were eager to have a big name like Twain as a shareholder.


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As writer Bernard G. Kraus has documented, in the Howards had bought a number of old movements, modified them slightly, and started selling them under the Independent Watch Company name. In , the Fredonia Censor reported that the company had hired several watchmakers from Switzerland and had secured enough machinery and material to make several thousand watches.

Because their deal with Twain later went south, it might be easy to think the Howards were mere hucksters, but they were genuine horological innovators. Twain was always looking to make a quick buck, and he liked his nephew-in-law, so he listened to the investment pitch.

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The brothers had instructed Webster to sweeten the deal considerably. Twain, who liked watches almost as much as he liked money, was intrigued. The pocket watch movement was first announced in the September 21, , issue of the Fredonia Censor.

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The child is vigorous and healthy, and there seems to be a large and increasing number of him. His parents are proud of him, and he already promises to become as universal a favorite as his illustrious namesake. Yet although Twain would become a prodigious endorser of products—he would later sign endorsement deals for cigars, fountain pens and whisky, among other things—being a watch mogul was not in the cards. By the late summer of , Twain found that the Howards had been dodgy with their shareholders. They had allegedly tried to unload some of their stock to pay themselves and other investors a dividend even though the company was not yet profitable.

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These watches, though, were cheap. They were effectively disposable. Despite a guarantee from Ingersoll, when something went wrong with a dollar watch, most owners simply threw it away and bought another one. The former is the quickest.

  1. Mark Twain's Quest to Bring Affordable Watches to the Masses | History | Smithsonian Magazine.
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Ingersoll had made throwing out a busted Yankee watch not just the funny thing to do, but the smart thing, too. Every marriage begins with passion, purpose, and pursuit, but few stay that way. Couples are encouraged take the challenge together. Are you up for the challenge? Ryan Frederick is passionate about helping men treasure Christ most and love their families well. He and his wife, Selena, created Fierce Marriage with one simple mission: to point couples to Christ and commission marriages for the gospel.

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Together, their writing reaches millions of monthly readers around the world with the transformational message of the gospel. View all articles by Ryan Frederick. Start typing your search, and relevant posts will appear. Hit enter to view more results. Share 34K. Tweet Pin 4K. Have you heard of the The Day Pursuit Challenge? By Ryan Frederick Ryan Frederick is passionate about helping men treasure Christ most and love their families well.

Flat Tire Integrity. If the flowers continue the trend of blooming earlier and earlier, the hummingbirds will eventually go hungry. By now the table was crowded with students and volunteers shuffling bird guidebooks, pencils, walkie-talkies, clipboards, and data sheets. In Yoruba beliefs the hummingbird is an important messenger between the saints and the terrestrial world.

At Starbucks, sipping a venti caramel macchiato, he prepped us for our visit to the market, where he buys supplies for religious ceremonies, including animal sacrifices. We would talk to some merchants selling dead hummingbirds, Nicho said. Traditional Yoruba beliefs hold that all people possess a destiny or fate and that eventually people become one spirit with a divine creator and source of all energy. The hummingbird plays an important role in this religion as a power force and as a messenger between the spiritual and physical realms. At the market, every second shop brimmed with dream catchers, voodoo dolls, candles, animal skulls, and Santa Muerte statues.

She welcomed us into her shop, where skulls and feathers dangled from the ceiling. Stretching out her palm, she showed us four inert little hummingbirds. The force of a hummingbird is very strong in the mystique world.

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Then she explained how she makes the spell. Then you put them in a small red bag, fill the bag with pure honey, and you place it in your shrine with candles. For an extra fee some sellers will prepare the birds in small pouches filled with honey. Customers place the pouches in their personal shrines.

If you have someone in your sights, you just write their name, wrap it toward you, and carry it around.

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  • Every day you put some of your perfume on it. These birds, she explained, were from a guy in Pachuca, the capital city of the state of Hidalgo, north of Mexico City. She makes about 20 of those a month, mostly for women. Deeper inside the market, Nicho stopped to say hello to other merchants who showed us their hummingbirds.

    In one area, where seemingly endless cages of puppies, rabbits, chickens, parrots, and a dead chinchilla lined the aisles, we met a guy displaying a handful of dead hummingbirds. He recommended them as a good treatment for epilepsy or heart problems. Recognizing our interest in the bird, he offered it for pesos.

    Almost every vendor we met had nearly a dozen hummingbirds dangling like charms on hooks, red thread stitched through their eyes and throats. Removing his glasses, he pulled on a magnifying visor to get a better look at the birds. At first he found only a dried resin-like substance.